Safe Stay Croatia


Do guests have to wear orinasal masks?

Mouth-nose-protection is obligatory in Croatia in all public indoor areas, including our hotels. At your seat in the restaurant and during the consumption of food and drinks you may remove your mouth and nose protection...

What is the minimum social distance required?

Minimum distance has to be 1,5 m as well as disinfectant dispensers with guidelines for proper hand hygiene will be ensured in all public areas (restaurant, pools, lobbies and other public areas).

Will programs and activities take place at the destination?

Outdoor activities are allowed and not affected by government regulations, but social distancing (especially at the beachfront) as well as practising good hygiene are desired.

Are there any changes in working hours?

Restaurant Pinia
breakfast 7:00 – 10:00
lunch 12:00 – 14:00
dinner 19:00 – 21:00
Aperitif bar 07:00 – 23:00

What do I have consider when visiting the restaurant?

We ensure that the guidelines provided by the Croatian Institute for Public Health are strictly observed. In addition we have taken measures that go beyond this and assure maximum hygiene and safety. We are taking great effort to provide the usual excellent service despite the necessary safety measures and to maintain the variety of our usual offers. All guidelines including regular personal hygiene (hand washing guide) are strictly controlled internally. According to current guidelines in Croatia, friends can sit at the same table. Buffet is served regularly, all guest are kindly asked to disinfect their hands before using utensils or to use the provided disposable gloves. In the restaurant and on the terrace of the restaurant the tables are set up according to the recommended social distancing. The table will be set up after guest arrival. Soft drinks, wine and beer can be taken freely by glass from contactless dispensers.

What do I have consider when visiting the restaurant?

All tables will be set up according to the social distancing measures.

What do I have to consider when visiting bar?

According to CIPH recommendations it is not allowed to sit and consume drinks at the bar counter. Guest can only pick up his order at the bar and cannot stand for a longer period of time.
Wellness&Spa Centre
Due to epidemiological measures, the Wellness & Spa Centre will not be in operation, but we can offer you various types of massages.
During the massage please use orinasal masks.

What do I have to consider when using pools?

Minimum distance has to be 1,5 m at the pool area. In the pools there will be a restriction of how many guests can be in it depending on the squared meters of the pool.

What do I have to consider when using kids animation?

Children's animation will take place with a recommended social distance of 1.5 meters, and after each activity all equipment used will be disinfected.

How are you handling daily housekeeping services?

We have a standard housekeeping procedure during these times, and also, you will be asked by reception for your housekeeping service preferences

What do I have to consider when going on excursions/boat trips?

According to government regulations, there are no specific restrictions in place that regard outdoor activities such as boat trips, excursions or rentals. Social distancing and keeping good hand hygiene is recommended.

Will the check-in/check-out times change?

The check-in/check-out times remain as they are at the moment and will not be changed (check-in from 2 pm, check-out until 10 am). At the check-out there will be the possibility to receive the invoice at the reception.

Can I pay cash?

Contactless payment is recommended but cash payments are also accepted.

If I suspect to have any symptoms of the COVID 19 what do I have to do?

In that case please contact immediately our team (contact provided at the reception) who will take care of you further.

Do you check temperatures daily of your guests?

No, but we are checking our employees temperature daily.

“Safe stay in Croatia” & “Safe travels”

Hotel Punta has a national designation of security protocols in tourism and hospitality "Stay Safe in Croatia" and "Safe travels" awarded by the Ministry of Tourism and Sports. The aim of the project "Stay safe" is to familiarize visitors and stakeholders in tourism with the protocols and measures implemented in Croatia at all levels of tourism, which will enable our guests to recognize Hotel Punta as a safe hotel that has adopted national and global health and hygiene standards, ie we act in accordance with the current recommendations of the World Travel and Tourism Council (WTTC) and the Croatian Institute of Public Health.


The Punta Hotel complex is located only a few dozen meters away from the center of Vodice, known for its tourist destination on the Adriatic coast. Hotel Punta, together with Vilamus Araus, with its rich offer and personalized service, offers you an unforgettable stay. Enjoy the morning with a wonderful view of the Adriatic Sea or the old town, give yourself the warmth and comfort that will give you our staff with a smile on their face.














The area of Vodice has a more than 350 km of road and mountain bike trails.
See all the sports activities in the vicinity of the hotel that are available to our guests:


Outdoor pool, pines, deck chairs, and even outdoor massage ... Sounds tempting, isn't it?



Within our hotel there is the top dental clinic Medical Dental Adria. Here our guests have the opportunity to perform surgery in the field of oral surgery and general, plastic reconstructive and aesthetic surgery by specialists.

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